rûm [ruum] is an ancient german word for "room" or "space". Our aim is to provide space for analogue photographers.

rûm is exclusively dedicated to analogue photography. It provides a free platform for photographers to present their work. rûm welcomes emerging talents as well as established photographers. We want to promote interaction and collaboration between photographers and so we are always happy to get in touch with you.


rûm was founded by Maria Lichtenegger and Harald Wawrzyniak, two photographers based in Graz.

photo by Kahriman—Paulweber

photo by Kahriman—Paulweber

Maria Lichtenegger

  • photographer/curator founder and editor of rûm
  • living and working in Graz
  • website

Harald Wawrzyniak

  • photographer/founder and
    editor of rûm
  • born in Carinthia, living and working in Graz
  • website