Interview 08
Paul van Bueren
The Netherlands


Paul van Bueren is a photographer born and currently living in The Netherlands. He sees himself as a man of action, a thinker and a dreamer. He is observing cultures and people whose looks and behavior deviate from a standard that is imposed by society, capturing the beauty of ugliness.

10 years ago, when Paul was studying at the Academy of Photography in the Netherlands, he discovered his love for analogue photography. When shooting some strangers in front of a large format camera he felt being a photographer for the first time. Since then he has been looking for authentic people taking their portraits. Inspired by the great work of Edward Hopper, is creating his own version of a beautiful woman in a room frozen in time and covered in some sort of a big emotion.

His series „I love you Decay“ is an ongoing project about manmade places and spaces, made for a reason and finally left. It is important for him to always use the same camera and film for his series so he can focus on what he sees.

To him the most important inspiration is a photographer who can tell about his feelings by making a photograph.