Interview 01
Lin Xuecong


Lin Xuecong was born in 1991 in the Province Guangdong, China and is currently living in Shenzhen. He studied photography in college and beside his furniture store he is running with his girlfriend, he is working as freelance photographer.


He has been interested in photography since his childhood. He remembers his father taking him to journeys with his 135mm film camera leaving plenty of travelling images and memories.


Growing up in a southern coastal city of China he was witnessing the development, transformation as well as the increasing contradictions. In 2014 he decided to record the as-is state of the landscape. What he saw was completely different from his childhood memories as a result of the construction projects. The environment, customs, beliefs and families have lost their identity which made him feel strange and sad. He now captures what is left of his memories. For him it is a way to return to the past as well as the most primitive expression of his heart.


One of the memories Xuecong particularly treasures is shown in the picture of a small figure of the Chinese Taoist deity on the top of a roof in Huizhou City. He is impressed by the faith preserved within the people in Gouangdong Province though the changes in southern China repeatedly threaten its existence.


His (photographic) protest against this rapid change of chinese landscape and culture that has not only positive effects somehow reminds of the work of Ai Weiwei. However Xuecongs main intension is recording his personal memories, being inspired by photographers like Toshio Shibata, Masahisa Fukase and Masao Yamamoto.