Interview 03
Francesca Solloway

Great Britain

Francesca Solloway began her photographic adventure after her time studying art in school. She first tried transferring what she saw to canvas but found out that she was getting more satisfaction capturing the world in camera as she felt unable to express her view of the world by using watercolors, oil paints or pencil. She is also interested in Graphic Design but always felt that she had a connection with photography. She studied Photography at university for three years; that was when she discovered shooting film and medium format.

Francesca has always been fascinated with light and capturing moments other people usually miss, like the moments when there is a subtle change in light or objects left behind by people.

All this can be seen in her most recent work Ebb and Flow: The Changing Faces of the Urban Wastelands. A city is seen as abandoned wasteland, always changing like ebb and flow. It is the project Francesca loves the most. After finishing her studies it was the first one she made without the help and safety of the education environment and the guild line. Just the image and the story she wanted to tell. A moment of isolation.

We also find the topic of change in Ciao Nonna, homage to her grandmother who after years of living in England moved back to her home country Italy. In the final days Francesca captured all the small things she would remember. The dreamy light perfectly reflects those memories of her childhood.

Like many photographers, Francesca also had times she struggled with her work. She felt that – similar to her paintings – she was unable to capture her visions. Luckily instead of quitting she came up with her series Utopian Nightmare, a work that was born of pure frustration and general disappointment.

When she let go of the pressure of taking the perfect shot photography became kind of meditation, allowing her to find beauty in every day.